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cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Time to Say Good-bye

Mal was on the bridge after checking on Sadie and rebandaging his newly reopened wound. He lets out a groan and a whince as he sits in the pilot's seat to think.


"Work you stupid freaking.... Oh, there we go," says a voice behind him.
He looks over his shoulder at her. "Should't you be restin', hue die?" he asks with his general straigth forewordness.
She looks back, old signs of strain and weariness on her face and a totally different outfit on than when he saw her last. A very tall, dark-haired young man looked over her shoulder with fey brown eyes.

"Ben doin' that plenty, Cap," she said softly, hugging what looked like the pair of pants she'd been borrowing.

He stands instantly which hurt his side more than ever which also made him wince and back up as he reaches for his gun.

"Sadie! Who th' HELL is THAT!?" he cries with slight anger and pain and well, surprise.
"Easy, Cap, yer gonna hurt yerself." She frowns with alarm and puts a hand on his arm. "You ain't gonna need the piece."

She glanced at the boy, her mouth trying to turn up at the corners despite herself. "That's Sam."
Mal is whincing and blinking at the same time as he points at Sam. "Who th'hell is Sam!?"
"My beau," she said softly.
BLINK BLINK! The pain in his side was nothing now.

"When did this happen!? I just left ya in th'infirmary. You were just rememberin' who ya were! When th'hell...I need to sit down.."

He moves over to seat back down in the chair.
"I got sucked back inta the Timestream right after ya left." She hunkered down and absently wiped at one eye with the pants. "It's ben months fer me."
He looks up at her in disbelief. "What!?"
"Mixed up weird stuff." She sighed and wiped her eyes on the pants again. "But I know who I am. I remember everythin'."
He raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" He looks at Sam again and than back at Sadie. "Anythin', huh?"
"Yeah." Her voice was low. "The not rememberin' was from bein' where I wasn't supposedta be. 'N Sam...." She paused to wave her antennae at him, then closed her eyes and smiled. "I met him in a place somethin' like a nexus."
Mal sighs. "Well, if he's looking fer a place t'stay I can't let'em stay here, hue die. Got enough of ya runnin' around as it is."
"Cap, ya don't understand. The place I don't belong... it's here." She bit her lip and looked up.
He stares at her a moment.

"What you talkin' about, Sadie? Course ya belong here! You're on my crew!"
She swallowed and shook her head. "I'm too different. I make this reality jangle. I... I'm sorry."
Mal just stares at his pilot.

"You know? I'd think you'd make up a better excuse, hue die." he states softly and slowly after a considerable pause. "I mean, geesh, we've got River an' Reavers an' Hell even Jayne! an' you think you're different?"

He shakes his head. "Fine. You wanna leave? Leave."

He was only a bit miffed. And hurt. Ok, maybe, very hurt and just a bit miffed.
"Excuse!?" Her voice broke, and then she lowered her face to the pants as her tears got away from her.
Mal's face softens a bit and he gives a sigh. "Aw, come on now. Why ya cryin'!?"
"Because I'm tellin' the truth, 'n y' don't believe me, 'n I don' even wanna haveta say goodbye!" she said without lifting her head.
He frowns and moves to stand up. Slowly and grimcing with pain in moves over to her and places a hand on her shoulder.

"Hue die? If you're tellin' me ya gotta leave cause ya don' belong than I don' believe ya cause ya do belong here. You're on my crew. But, if ya tellin' me that ya gotta leave cause where ya goin' feels more like home t' ya an' it's safe an' all, than I guess I got no choice but t'believe ya." he says softly and calmly.
"I'd..." Her sobs got harder. "I'd stay in a heartbeat. But iffin I stay I'll die...."

-'N maybe take Serenity with me.-
"What ya mean, hue die?" he asks softly.

Damn it, she needs to stop crying! He hates it when his girls cry.
"J... jus' fa... fall apart. St... stop be... bein'. Like my reality." She hugged the pants and tried to look up at him, smelling his sadness.
Mal frown deepens a bit and gives her shoulder a tight squeeze.

"Sadie? I ain't gonna pretend I know what ya mean, but I understand ya need t'leave." A pause as he looks over at Sam and than back to Sadie. "Still have my pants, huh?" he asks mentioning to them with a small smile.
"Y... yeah," she manages, holding them out to him.
He declines them with a shake of his head. "Nah, hue die. You hold on t'em for me. Just encase ya need 'em." he explains with a soft smile.
She hugged them to her chest, sobs shaking her shoulders again.

Sam made a little motion toward her, as though he wanted to comfort her, but then stood back again watchfully.
Mal pushes his lips together for a moment before, after a slight moment of hesitation, he pulls her into a hug. "K now, hue die. Stop cryin'. he says softly.
She snuggled close with her eyes closed and her antennae hidden in her hair, falling silent though sobs still shook her from time to time.

And Sam turned away so that this other Cap couldn't see him crying too.
Mal sighs and holds her close. "It's gonna be alright, hue die. I ain't mad or nuthin'." he says trying to calm her. "Sad yeah. Mad no."

Another sigh.
"I kin come 'n visit... or you kin come see me once I'm done this job I got 'n go back home," she said softly without looking up.
Mal nods. "That sounds like a shiny plan, hu die." he says softly.
She smiled, then turned her head slightly to look at the tall boy who'd come with her. "Cap... there's somebody ya gotta meet."
Mal turns and stands up straight to face the young man. He crosses his arms across his chest. "Son.." he says with a nod of his head in greeting. No hand shakes yet. He was still in "Father" mode. The boy had to prove himself for a handshake.
Those fey brown eyes looked at him, still sparkling slightly from his recent tears. "Never leave nobody behind. You were scared of losing the lady, so you shoved 'er away, but you're not runnin' anymore. Just startin' what my Cap's ending."
Mal blinks a moment before shaking his head. "Gorram Alliance got you too, huh?"
"I'm how they say 'River' in my 'verse," he said quietly.
Mal raises an eyebrow. "Huh." he grunts before looking over at Sadie a moment before back at Sam. "And you're going to take care of my hu die?"
"We take care'a each other," he said, ducking his head slightly without taking his eyes from the Captain. "Sometimes she's stronger'n me."
A small smile. "Women have a way of doin' that." he says thinking of Inara. "Bein' stronger than us man folk."
*hugs* I'm so sorry, honey. When I'm not at school, I'm at work and when I not doing either of those I'm doing homework, so I appear offline. I do want to hear all about your crossover though :P I'll try to be on tonight and tag you! *hugs*
"Bend but not break," he said softly, eyes losing focus. "Tremble but not shake. That's not broken, Gabriel. It's a tear."

Sadie looked at him with concern.

September 2007

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