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Sep. 14th, 2007




River is wandering around the ship, poking at things, counting things, naming things...

Aug. 16th, 2007



Time to Say Good-bye

Mal was on the bridge after checking on Sadie and rebandaging his newly reopened wound. He lets out a groan and a whince as he sits in the pilot's seat to think.

Apr. 30th, 2007



I aim to misbehave.........

K smiled looking at the monitor of the ship. "You know I kindda like the idea of taking that wee mechanic on her weddin' day. She'll be marryin that quack soon right?" he laughed softly. "Hell maybe the doc......." he looked at his girl. "What do you fancy doing next?" he asked "I wanna destroy all of them before we bring the Tam girl in........"

Apr. 27th, 2007

leader of the pack of idiots


Time for business... (Tag Crew) Yes, that means EVERYONE on Serenity!

They have been parked on Kaylee's home planet a week now. One week. Crew been here and there, but Mal has stayed on ship. No job hunting. Which is making his feet itch. Not to mention the fact that K is still out there. That fact alone is burning a hole in the Captain's mind. Expecially now that the Doc's and Kaylee's wedding is so close. He won't have anymore of his family hurt. No more.

River has been helping Sadie, which is good. Pilot's been doing a fine job of trying to get her words back. Mal is proud of her.

Inara is healing nicely. Mal is proud of her, too.

Though he is proudest of Zoe. Little Derrial's amazing and that's a fact.

Though now? Now, it's time for business.

He finishes making his cup of coffee and hits the comm in the galley.

"This's th'Cap'n. I want ev'ryone in th'galley, ma shang. An' I mean ev'ryone! Jayne? You bring 'Nara up here gentle like. Zoe? If Derrial ain't sleepin', I want him up here too."

He signs off the comm and moves to lean against the counter and sip his coffee.

[OCC: Hey guys! I figured we'd get this show on the road. Of course, the only people that don't have to reply are Simon and Kaylee since they are off ship, but Mal and I would like everyone else to reply to this post. The order will be set once everyone replies. Thanks guys! *hugs*]

Apr. 13th, 2007



Meeting The Parents

[Because folks seem to be doing on-planet threads, here's the important one that takes place during the two weeks that Simon and Kaylee are away from the crew. Just keep in mind that anything happening after this thread will be in and around the Frye's farm, with maybe the occasional trip into town. Also, this is rated slightly R/NC-17-ish for one brief sexual encounter, but otherwise the rest of it's pretty clean.]

(Mom, dad...this is Simon.)

Mar. 30th, 2007




OOC: If she isn't meant to be stirring..... um.... oops my bad?

BIC: Inaras eyes fluttered slowly open, she yawned hand carefully resting on her stomach as she carefully sat up. She wasn't going to risk invoking the wrath of Simon by getting up. She sighed softly, until she saw her embroidery project on the bedside cabinet. She smiled carefully reaching for it, her fingers were sore but she was sure she could manage a few stitches before she had to stop.

Mar. 17th, 2007

uh huh...sure


Adventures in Cooking. (tag Sadie)

Yes, the Captain is cooking. Try not to faint. Cooking as in the galley is smelling rather like burnt cabbage and cursing can be heard mumbled as the slamming of the pot lids gets louder. (Sorry Sadie)

We are sure he'll calm down if she enters the galley.

The pot starts to boil over....

Ok, make that a Maybe.....

Mar. 9th, 2007

no ordinary girl



River's trying hard not to feel trapped on Serenity, bound to it.

So she's told Pug to try bringing Sadie outside, maybe fresh air and fluffy green things will help her a bit. Its a good excuse, cause the crazy is going stir-crazy and needs to be outside for a little while, even if it is while staying within easy reach of the ship...

So there's your River, dancing around barefoot in the grass, laughing up at the sky, soaking up the sun's warmth, breathing all that fresh air.

She's left the ramp open, so anyone else who might want to come out and play is more than welcome. It looks like she even packed a pickinic, complete with checkered cloth laying out in the grass, and chairs for Mal and Inara if they happen to come out too.

(open to anyone)

Feb. 27th, 2007



Finishing touches

Kaylee has finished packing and is now buzzing about the engine room making sure Serenity is shiny before her and Simon's two week trip.

Feel free to poke since she is almost done.


Simon and Zoe

{ooc: this is in regards to the post down below that begins thusly:

Before Simon and Kaylee go away for two weeks, the Doc needs to have a few words with members of the crew.

Zoe, River and Mal, more specifically, and each chat separate from the last. He doesn't want his orders crossed or contradicted. And if course, with Mal, these will merely be sugestions as opposed to orders, but there you have it.

Find the Doc in the infirmary at your leisure, as he makes notes in his files. }

Zoe stops by to talk to Simon...Collapse )

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