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dr_fugitive in still_flying_hi

Simon and Zoe

{ooc: this is in regards to the post down below that begins thusly:

Before Simon and Kaylee go away for two weeks, the Doc needs to have a few words with members of the crew.

Zoe, River and Mal, more specifically, and each chat separate from the last. He doesn't want his orders crossed or contradicted. And if course, with Mal, these will merely be sugestions as opposed to orders, but there you have it.

Find the Doc in the infirmary at your leisure, as he makes notes in his files. }

"Still workin' hard Doc?" Zoe asked watching him as she bounced Derrial who looked a little like he was fighting sleep.

"You could say that. Just finalizing things before I head off with Kaylee." He smiles. "How're you two doing?"

"Very well" she smiled "Although got some issues with the feeding but we're muddling through....... although It's getting a tad annoying how Jayne keeps loitering about like he wants to hold then running in fear when I offer" she laughed

Simon laughs. "Its hard to imagine Jayne running in fear. You should get a capture next time."

"What sort of issues're you having with feeding?"

"Him wanting all the time........ was a little worried he weren't ya know getting what he needs"

Simon smiles. "You should be feeding him every four hours, or so, around the clock."

"Seems a bit more like every ten minutes........." she said looking at Derrial. "Was worried I'm not healthy enough to give 'im what he needs"

"Just make sure you sit with him until he's done, and switch sides each time. If you need to, we can see about supplementing him with...er, formula. Or something." He'll have to check on that when he's planet-side.

She nodded "Ok Doc" she smiled grinning at Derrial before looking to Simon. "Finally get what my ma used to say about being a mother" she said as Derrial squirmed a little.

"And what was that?"

"That it makes you feel all warm'n cosy" she smiled "Like everything's ok........."

Simon smiles. "I'm glad that you're finding joy in this."

"Yeah" she grinned "makes me almost feel like Wash is still around........" she smiled "And seeing everyone's face looking at him is great"

"He's a source of joy that we badly need right now," he says softly. "We've been through too much over the last few months."

She smiled to Simon, "You and Kaylee finally getting together is a source too....... to me anyway" she grinned.

Oh, look! Simon's blushing! "Yes, things seem to be looking up. Now we just need to get Inara and Mal to stop bickering..."

She grinned, making him blush was fun, "And work on you and Kaylee to make Derrial a playmate......" she smiled "But I'm not sure Inara's up much for the bickering"

"I suspect that Mal will be the loudest in encouraging Kaylee and I to have children. ...When he isn't busy tripping over himself over Inara. I think he's done with the bickering, too. We just need them to admit it."

"Seeing Kaylee glowing from a new baby mind push 'em together a bit. I kinda get the feel from Inara she wants kids......."

"And everyone knows she's in love with Mal...so that will be our next project. Getting *them* married. And speaking of Mal, while I'm away I need you to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. I hate to say it, but you're in better shape than he is right now, and I'd feel more comfortable if you were in charge, even if we have to pretend that Mal's still the boss."

Zoe grinned "I'm shiny healthy" she said with a nod "Nothing will go wrong while your away."

"I hope so."

"What could happen?" she asked "I have any problems with Derrial, we've got the kid nurse...... and Inara might know something, while shes a wake could ask her. And Mal, well He'll do as I say" she said voice certain. "We'll be good"

"And I know River and Jayne will help with security," he says. "Mal was against me and Kaylee going by ourselves and taking a shuttle. I have an idea that I need to run past him, about landing two weeks after we leave."

She nodded "I'm sure you'll convince mother hen"

He grins. "I think it's time we made serious effort to mother him, for once. Provided we don't all get shot for it."

"I have a feeling that Kaylee's mom will be able to do it and get away with it."

Zoe smiled "I might give it a go...... tell him I need practise being a ma"

"If you can do that *and* convince Jayne to hold Derrial...I'd say you'd deserve a promotion."

"Should make it a bet" she grinned

"Ah, but I'm not the one able to promote you," he says with a wink.

"Which is a reason to make it a bet with cash"

"How about this, then? You win, I'll see what I can do about that playmate for Derrial...."

"We have a deal" she grinned brightly.

"And what if I win? You promise to be on time for each and every check up for the next six months?"

She groaned "How about I agree that they'll be a check up every 12 months?"

"For you, yes. For Derrial, no. Every two months for him. At least."

"try and keep his check ups to that long apart, you'll be checkin' on him every week I get my way" she smiled.

Simon smiles. "I'm so proud."

She grinned "Gotta be sure the most important crew member is healthy" she smiled

He reaches out and tickles Derrial under the chin. "Well, the most important crew member looks like he needs a nap."

She smiled "You do?" she joked

Another faint blush. "Hardly think I'm the most important crew member. If it isn't Derrial, then it's gotta be Kaylee. She keeps us flying." And no, that's not a twinkle in his eye as he talks about his fiancée. You're imagining things.

She grinned "Aw bless little Simon's all grown up and in love"

Deeper blush. "That's nothing new," he says with a chuckle. "I've been fawning over Kaylee since I boarded."

"Yeah it's just obvious now"

Deadpan, "I'm wounded by your sarcasm." He winks.

She grinned "Wash knew all along.......... "

He smiles. "He did?"

"Yeah was insistent on it....... On one occasion he was talking about locking you away some where with Kaylee and turning up the heat......." she giggled

Simon chuckles. "Kinda like what I wanted to do with Inara and Mal. Give Inara's shuttle enough fuel to get away from Serenity, but not enough to get anywhere else, dope them both and lock'em in and let'em hang in the black a while. They'd either kill each other or have sex."

"I'd worry to much it'll be the first.........." she smiled "I told Wash that's what Kay would do to you" she confessed

"You think Kay would kill me?" A moment as he ponders it. "Yeah. Yeah, I could see that. I'd stick my foot in my mouth and she'd kill me."

"Well it's different now" she said softly "But at the time........"

"I still mess up horridly sometimes, when I talk to her, you know. Say things that sound okay in my head, but no so much out loud."

Zoe smiled "Posh guys" she said with a roll of eyes and grin

"I'm getting much better, though," he say with a grin. "Getting quicker at making it up to her."

"Wash's favourite apology was to take off his shirt"

That mental image has Simon chuckling. "My favourite apology often *leads* to taking off my shirt. But that's mostly Kay's fault, anyway."

She smiled "I'm glad it's working though........" she smiled and stroked Derrial's cheek. "I should take him to bed"

Simon sighs happily and give Derrial a fond look. "You two have fun. And if Mal gives you a hard time, you can always make him babysit."

"With Jayne" she grinned

Simon facepalms. "You should have River supervise that one."

She grinned "And let Inara watch, cheer her right up"

"Would cheer anyone up."

She smiled and moved a bit closer to give simon a quick hug around Derrial. "Have fun with Kay?"

He hugs back. "I will. You take care. Counting on you and River to keep everyone safe."

"you know we will" she grinned

He smiles. "Now, get going," he says playfully.

She smiled and saluted before heading to her bunk


September 2007

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