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uh huh...sure

cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Adventures in Cooking. (tag Sadie)

Yes, the Captain is cooking. Try not to faint. Cooking as in the galley is smelling rather like burnt cabbage and cursing can be heard mumbled as the slamming of the pot lids gets louder. (Sorry Sadie)

We are sure he'll calm down if she enters the galley.

The pot starts to boil over....

Ok, make that a Maybe.....


She's being bullied by the cat again, nearly tripping as he nips at her heels and pushes her around. "Stop! Pug! Stop!"

Then her head snaps around and she steps on Pug in her haste to get that pot off the cooker. Of course that results in a yelp and the pot going in the sink, accompanied by a word she's heard Jayne say and that she would never say before.
Mal's cursing really just grows louder at this point. "Gorram CAT!" he states grabbing a towel and starting to clean up the mess. Then he blinks and looks over at Sadie. "What did you say?" he asks raising an eyebrow.
She looks back at him, sucking on the burnt finger, then takes it out and repeats herself innocently.

Pug twitches his tail and stalks out, looking offended unto death. Worm butts for Mal's bed....
Ok, this was getting weird....

Mal blinks again and takes Sadie's hand absently and turns on the cold water to run her burnt finger under it.

"So, when did ya start usin' words that ya used t'frown at me an' Jayne fer usin'?"
She frowns, eyes showing a fear that wasn't ever there before. "Did? Um... I did?"
The finger is healed. Only a tiny bit of redness to show where the burn had been.

Sadie doesn't notice this as she shakes her head. "A big noise... River knows when."
"Huh." he grunts again as he shuts off the water. "Thinkin' I'm gonna have a little talk wit' Lit'Albatross. See if we c'n figure this thing out. Don't wanna have t'ruin th'Doc an'Kaylee's trip if I don't have t', seein' as you ain't that bad off. Ya know who ya are at any rate."

Yes, the Captain is trying to looking on the bright side here.....
"Seen Doc." She looks in the pot and makes a face. "Ummm."
He gives her a look as she looks in the pot. Oh, come on! It's ain't that bad!..........No really!

"Oh yeah? What 'e say? An' why th'hell didn't 'e say anythin' t'me?"
"It's that bad." She stepped away from the sink with a shudder, then looked at him before hiding her antennae in her hair. "Say River help."
"How...." She puts a finger to her forehead and thanks. "How does the worm be meat? How do I make the worm be meat?"

Lots of words!
"OH!" he says stepping closer and moving to help her lay the worm on the cutting board. "Well, first ya got t'cut it." he states opening a drawer and pulling out a knife. He places the knife in Sadie's hand and with his hand over hers he cuts the head off the worm.

"That's meat." he says pointing with the knife tip inside the worm.
She studies it thoughtfully, her antennae quivering as she reads its very molecular composition, then nods. "Okay. We... broke the worm."
A smile. "In a manner of speakin'." he states moving to grab a pan and place it on the stove before he turns on the heat.
"Noo." She took the pan back off and shook her head at him. "Fix the worm and the...." Much thought as she put new words to pictures. "Bok choy, carrot, and shallot, first."

September 2007

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