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uh huh...sure

cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Adventures in Cooking. (tag Sadie)

Yes, the Captain is cooking. Try not to faint. Cooking as in the galley is smelling rather like burnt cabbage and cursing can be heard mumbled as the slamming of the pot lids gets louder. (Sorry Sadie)

We are sure he'll calm down if she enters the galley.

The pot starts to boil over....

Ok, make that a Maybe.....


Ok, now it's weird.

"Sadie? You feelin' alright, Hin de." he asks turning of the water and moving to wrap up her finger in a wet towel.
Lower lip caught between the teeth as she looks down with embarrassemnt. "No. I forgot stuff."
Raised eyebrow. "Stuff? Like what kinda stuff?"
"Lotsa words," she said softly. "Can still pilot."
Mal gives his pilot a look. The "I need that in Captain Dummy Talk" look.

"Sadie? You tellin' me you don' remember who you are or where ya are? Just that ya know that you're th'pilot cause you c'n fly my boat?"
"Sadie," she says pointing to herself. "Or butterfly or little sister. And Serenity." She pats the counter. "Home. Remember you... just not words."
"Huh." he grunts with a shake of his head. "Wish I knew what that meant. You figure out how long this been goin' on?"
"I got hurt." She pulls her finger out of the towel and looks at it, then sticks it in her mouth again.
He moves to take her finger out of her mouth and put it under the cold water again. "Ya know how or when? Meant be important on learnin' how t'help ya."

September 2007

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