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uh huh...sure

cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Adventures in Cooking. (tag Sadie)

Yes, the Captain is cooking. Try not to faint. Cooking as in the galley is smelling rather like burnt cabbage and cursing can be heard mumbled as the slamming of the pot lids gets louder. (Sorry Sadie)

We are sure he'll calm down if she enters the galley.

The pot starts to boil over....

Ok, make that a Maybe.....


"It's that bad." She stepped away from the sink with a shudder, then looked at him before hiding her antennae in her hair. "Say River help."
A defeated sigh as he looks inside the pot. "You're right." he states. "It's that bad...." A shake of his head. "Where's th'last place ya saw Lit'Alba-........River?" he asks looking up at her.
"Dancing on picnic cloth." She takes the pan and hides it, then pulls out another and starts fishing out good ingredients from where they're hidden all over the galley.
Mal smiles as he watches Sadie saves his sad attempt at cooking and then nodded at her answer. He rubs the back of his neck. "Think I better go have a word with 'er unless ya need help."
She looks at him, frowning, the expression slightly childlike as she wonders if she does need help. But then she nods and bends down to take the massive earthworm that Pug just dragged in.
Mal gives the pair a small smile. "So, what c'n I help wit'?"
She examines the worm with a frown, looking helplessly at the blank spot that should have held worm dressing instructions, then stands and offers it to him with a beseeching look. "Meat?"
The "You don't expect me to touch that" face.

"Yeah." he says nodding. "That's meat......." Than under his breath he adds, "I think."
Mal blinks. "How what? How's it meat?"

September 2007

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