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piao_liang_69 in still_flying_hi


OOC: If she isn't meant to be stirring..... um.... oops my bad?

BIC: Inaras eyes fluttered slowly open, she yawned hand carefully resting on her stomach as she carefully sat up. She wasn't going to risk invoking the wrath of Simon by getting up. She sighed softly, until she saw her embroidery project on the bedside cabinet. She smiled carefully reaching for it, her fingers were sore but she was sure she could manage a few stitches before she had to stop.


Mal chuckles. "Nah, I think th'idea that I was takin' advantage of ya would stop 'is heart more than my amazingly fit an' properly toned body ever could." he states with sarcasm and a smirk.
She smiled softly "Very properly... perfectly even. Tell anyone I said that and I'd deny it" she added quickly
Mal chuckles. "No one believe me even if I did." he says softly.
"Mal......." she said softly tone serious again "You can't go...... ever. If you do....I might.... I might get scared again. I won't with you at myside"
Mal holds her a bit closer. "You ain't got t'worry none, 'Nara." he says softly, reassuringly. "I ain't gonna leave ya. I'm done leavin'."
"No more being a chicken and scared of me?" she teased.
He chuckles and kisses the top of her head gently. "Promise."
She smiled softly, her fingers tracing small circles on his stomach. Her eyes started to droop a little.
Mal looks down at her and smiles softly as well. "Sleep, 'Nara. I got ya." he says softly giving her a gentle squeeze.
She smiled softly as she buried her face against his chest with a soft murmer. "Hmm"
A soft smile and he places a gentle kiss on the top of her head as his hand soft caresses her arm.
She drifted slowly off to sleep, the captains present holding back nightmares and demons that were plagueing her mind.

September 2007

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