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leader of the pack of idiots

cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Time for business... (Tag Crew) Yes, that means EVERYONE on Serenity!

They have been parked on Kaylee's home planet a week now. One week. Crew been here and there, but Mal has stayed on ship. No job hunting. Which is making his feet itch. Not to mention the fact that K is still out there. That fact alone is burning a hole in the Captain's mind. Expecially now that the Doc's and Kaylee's wedding is so close. He won't have anymore of his family hurt. No more.

River has been helping Sadie, which is good. Pilot's been doing a fine job of trying to get her words back. Mal is proud of her.

Inara is healing nicely. Mal is proud of her, too.

Though he is proudest of Zoe. Little Derrial's amazing and that's a fact.

Though now? Now, it's time for business.

He finishes making his cup of coffee and hits the comm in the galley.

"This's th'Cap'n. I want ev'ryone in th'galley, ma shang. An' I mean ev'ryone! Jayne? You bring 'Nara up here gentle like. Zoe? If Derrial ain't sleepin', I want him up here too."

He signs off the comm and moves to lean against the counter and sip his coffee.

[OCC: Hey guys! I figured we'd get this show on the road. Of course, the only people that don't have to reply are Simon and Kaylee since they are off ship, but Mal and I would like everyone else to reply to this post. The order will be set once everyone replies. Thanks guys! *hugs*]


River leans into Jayne's touch and grins at Steele "I'm the bait."
Mal listens to all the suggestions that his crew makes with nods as he makes his way closer to Inara. The coffee mug forgotten on the counter, his arms are crossed across his chest until he reaches her and absently places a hand on her shoulder gently as he addresses his crew's suggestions.

"Sounds like fine plans." he states with a nod.

He looks down as Pug rubs against his leg and he gives a smirk before look back up at Sadie. "Can't do th'Nexus though cause they wanna marry on Persephone on Serenity. So..."

He turns to Derek. "I think th'best way is what you suggest. Keep eve'ythin' quiet like."

Mal turns to Zoe. "Cause if he was gonna hit us, he would when we are most fragile like an'that's durin' th'weddin'. Eve'yone but Kaylee an' th'Doc will be armed. 'Nara c'n take care of Derrial fer you."

He looks down at Inara and gives her a reasurring smile before looking over at River and Steel. "I don't think we got th'higher ground yet fer a ambush. Let's get th'kids married an' than go lookin' for a fight. Right now? Hidin's th'plan. An' if he hits us? We'll be ready for him."

Mal looks around at everyone to hear their answers.
"So now we need to pick a planet that's as far away from Persephone as possible, without it being obvious. And if you've made any wedding-related calls yet, I suggest you un-make them, but in a way that let's us show up and say 'sorry! changed our minds yet again!'," Derek adds, standing.

"As far as weapons and tactics go, I'll park my fighter close by so I can be first in the air if need be."
Steel smiled "I don't need to be at the weddin' ain't family or friend, so, muscle......" he reminded "Can go, be anywhere. Just, best I get orders otherwise I-" he paused "Well get distracted....." he had after all gone from being bad guy to good guy at the flip of a coin almost.

Jayne grinned thinking *You bait me good'n proper*

Inara nodded "I can babysit" she said relaxing a little thanks to Mal being near.

Zoe smiled "Derrial would like that-" she said as he tried to put his foot in his mouth.
Sadie looked around, feeling a little lost, then got distracted as one side of her nose started to twitch. The sneeze was small, but brought friends along, and trying to figure out why her nose was exploding kept her occupied for the next little while.

Pug, meanwhile, started to climb Mal's leg.
River looked at Sadie curiously, then smirked. It was mean, and she'd probably get a lecture, but River leaned forward and as loud as she could shouted "HEY SADIE!!!" she couldn't figure out why she hadn't thought of it earlier, get everyone with all those different kinds of emotions and feelings and scents... kickstart the bug!

Yeah, she meant to contribute to the conversation but... Simon asked her to fix Sadie, so she wants that done before he and Kaylee come back, so he'll be pleased. "SADIE SADIE BUG!!!!"

The poor pilot is lucky that River doesn't happen to have any perfume in her pocket, or it'd be splashed everywhere just to see if that would be good stimulus to add to the mix.

"SADIE SADIE SADIE!" she jumps to her feet and dances around the room banging against things to make even more noise. "SADIE MAYBE YOU'LL REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE IF YOU REMEMBER HOW TO FEEL EVERYTHING AGAIN... ITS NOT JUST THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

no, it hasn't occurred to River that her racket might disturb the baby, hopefully he's one of those mellow types that doesn't get cranky at noise.
Mal stands up a bit with a start and his arms uncross, "River? What the hell are you playin'-"

Just then he feels Pug's nail dig into his leg, "OH GORRAMIT!" he bends over to get Pug off without thinking and lets out another groan of pain as his hand goes to his side and the other goes to the table to stablize himself. Eyes closed tight as he breathed through the pain.
Derrial started squirming and crying, Zoe sighed trying to settle him when He was sick. "Damn I need go clean up"

Inara smiled weakly, "River? Sweet settle?Please?"

Steel watched the scene scowling slightly "This is the team that's avoided capture so long?" He then giggled.

Jayne pulled River down on to his lap "Baby leave the bug alone"
And Sadie stood there for a moment with a dazed look in her eyes, then dropped her cup of honey and hit the floor.
River fell easily into Jayne's lap, falling instantly silent at all the chaos she'd created. "Oh." blinking away tears "I thought... if I could overload and make her remember what it all feels like..." barely in a whisper.

Then she's sobbing quietly against Jayne's shoulder.
His eyes fly open to take in the sounds that his ears where hearing.

The pain in his side forgotten as the captain in him kicked in.

One hand on his side, the other pointing to Derek. "Derek, take Sadie t'th'infirmary. If nothin' else she needs silence."

He looks over at River in Jayne's arms and gives a little sigh. "Ya tried, lit'one. Tryin' is what matters."

A wince. Yep, pain is back....and he might be bleeding a bit...maybe..

He turns to Zoe, "Zoe? If I pass out you make th'plan, dong ma?"

September 2007

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