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cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Time to Say Good-bye

Mal was on the bridge after checking on Sadie and rebandaging his newly reopened wound. He lets out a groan and a whince as he sits in the pilot's seat to think.


She looks back, old signs of strain and weariness on her face and a totally different outfit on than when he saw her last. A very tall, dark-haired young man looked over her shoulder with fey brown eyes.

"Ben doin' that plenty, Cap," she said softly, hugging what looked like the pair of pants she'd been borrowing.

He stands instantly which hurt his side more than ever which also made him wince and back up as he reaches for his gun.

"Sadie! Who th' HELL is THAT!?" he cries with slight anger and pain and well, surprise.
"Easy, Cap, yer gonna hurt yerself." She frowns with alarm and puts a hand on his arm. "You ain't gonna need the piece."

She glanced at the boy, her mouth trying to turn up at the corners despite herself. "That's Sam."
Mal is whincing and blinking at the same time as he points at Sam. "Who th'hell is Sam!?"
"My beau," she said softly.
BLINK BLINK! The pain in his side was nothing now.

"When did this happen!? I just left ya in th'infirmary. You were just rememberin' who ya were! When th'hell...I need to sit down.."

He moves over to seat back down in the chair.
"I got sucked back inta the Timestream right after ya left." She hunkered down and absently wiped at one eye with the pants. "It's ben months fer me."
He looks up at her in disbelief. "What!?"
"Mixed up weird stuff." She sighed and wiped her eyes on the pants again. "But I know who I am. I remember everythin'."
He raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" He looks at Sam again and than back at Sadie. "Anythin', huh?"
"Yeah." Her voice was low. "The not rememberin' was from bein' where I wasn't supposedta be. 'N Sam...." She paused to wave her antennae at him, then closed her eyes and smiled. "I met him in a place somethin' like a nexus."
Mal sighs. "Well, if he's looking fer a place t'stay I can't let'em stay here, hue die. Got enough of ya runnin' around as it is."

September 2007

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