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cap_tight_pants in still_flying_hi

Time to Say Good-bye

Mal was on the bridge after checking on Sadie and rebandaging his newly reopened wound. He lets out a groan and a whince as he sits in the pilot's seat to think.


"I kin come 'n visit... or you kin come see me once I'm done this job I got 'n go back home," she said softly without looking up.
Mal nods. "That sounds like a shiny plan, hu die." he says softly.
She smiled, then turned her head slightly to look at the tall boy who'd come with her. "Cap... there's somebody ya gotta meet."
Mal turns and stands up straight to face the young man. He crosses his arms across his chest. "Son.." he says with a nod of his head in greeting. No hand shakes yet. He was still in "Father" mode. The boy had to prove himself for a handshake.
Those fey brown eyes looked at him, still sparkling slightly from his recent tears. "Never leave nobody behind. You were scared of losing the lady, so you shoved 'er away, but you're not runnin' anymore. Just startin' what my Cap's ending."
Mal blinks a moment before shaking his head. "Gorram Alliance got you too, huh?"
"I'm how they say 'River' in my 'verse," he said quietly.
Mal raises an eyebrow. "Huh." he grunts before looking over at Sadie a moment before back at Sam. "And you're going to take care of my hu die?"
"We take care'a each other," he said, ducking his head slightly without taking his eyes from the Captain. "Sometimes she's stronger'n me."
A small smile. "Women have a way of doin' that." he says thinking of Inara. "Bein' stronger than us man folk."

September 2007

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