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Feb. 27th, 2007

*le sigh*


For Jayne.

Simon hasn't spoken to Jayne directly since he and the other man had their argument a while back. Simon feels he needs to say something to him, though, clear the air a bit, but he's not sure he's ready to face the man. Mostly because he can't promise that Jayne won't get hit.

Instead, he's tacking a note on the door to Jayne's bunk.

All it says, is: Collapse )

It's as much of an apology, as well as the doc's blessing, as Jayne is ever going to get.

Feb. 25th, 2007



Feeling better

K was feeling quiet a lot better but he was feeling still a little peeved about not getting River. But he was taking comfort in the damage done to Inara. Although he knew this........ once he got his hands on River... well that damage to Inara was going to look like nothing. The alliance would just have to put up with getting the girl back damaged.

Feb. 24th, 2007

Simon Tam - Doctor Tam


Doctor's Orders

Before Simon and Kaylee go away for two weeks, the Doc needs to have a few words with members of the crew.

Zoe, River and Mal, more specifically, and each chat seperate from the last. He doesn't want his orders crossed or contradicted. And if course, with Mal, these will merely be sugestions as opposed to orders, but there you have it.

Find the Doc in the infirmary at your leisure, as he makes notes in his files.

Feb. 22nd, 2007



Few days after baby came

Sadie was remembering things slowly. Being overlooked in the excitement over the baby and Simon and Kaylee's coming trip had helped; given her time to just sit in the pilot seat and think. She knew how to pilot; knew her way around space and how to access the ship's computer. She knew her name was Sadie or butterfly or little sister, they all felt right, so she hadn't bothered trying to clarify. According to people he rubbed against the big cat's name was Pug. He kept an eye on her and occasionally took a place in the co-pilot's seat with his paws and chin on the console.

She'd slept at her post a few times, but hadn't done a lot else other than to go for a quick cup of something to eat, avoiding the others as she came and went.

And now she watched as the planet they were heading for neared, only twitching an antennae as Pug trotted out to let someone know.

Feb. 14th, 2007


Med Lab

"I can't say I ever remember that walk taking so long" Zoe Yawned as she sat down on the med lab table glancing at the sleeping Inara before back at Simon and Derrial "Derrial no crying and desturbing 'nara ok?" she grinned at Simon "Same for you Doc"

Feb. 8th, 2007



On the bridge...(tag River)

Mal was still on the bridge waiting for River totally unaware that his first mate just had her baby. His mind was on other things as he stared out the front window with his chin in his hand.

Boy, won't he be in for a shock...

Feb. 4th, 2007


OOC: bye bye

Hay ya all, since i wont be able to been on the comp very regularly, i have decided to leave the group. Coz i know how annoying it is to wait for a post lol, well hope you all enjoy the group
Bye bye
AKA Brennan

Feb. 2nd, 2007


Pregnant women....... bah

Zoe had been looking for Sadie to hand on the message about moving.... but well that was before she'd smelt......something. She didnt really know what but it was enough to make her stomach revolt and go on strike. She went chasing to her bunk to the bathroom to puke. And once she started she found it hard to stop and when finally she'd got rid of everything she could..... tears started to come. Tears of lose of wash, fear over having a child, anger at Wash dying, pity for Inara, worry as well, fear for Mal, fear over River and simons futures. Just so much. So here she sits in the bathroom.
Sadie as far as she knew. Could wait.


On the bridge...

After talking to Zoe, River came to visit Mal and they had their own talk up in the galley. Needless to say this gave the Captain a lot to think about. When River left, he slowly headed for the bridge to check on Sadie and see if Zoe gave her the orders. Though when he got there he found neither Zoe nor Sadie. First, this stuck him as odd because Wash and Zoe where ALWAYS on the bridge together. Then he stopped and shakes his head at his foolishness. Sadie was not Wash. A sigh and he moves to sit in the pilot's seat to wait for Sadie to show up. Zoe was probably looking for her now.

Feb. 1st, 2007

Derek Masterson



Derek is quite a happy boy. He's managed to fix that damned compression coil.

You'll have to excuse the greasy, triumphant kid who's humming happily in the kitchen, making a snack.

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