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Hey. Name's Captain Malcolm Reynolds cap_tight_pants and this here is my boat, Serenity.
You want to RP, you join. Simple. Easy. Just respect my boat and my crew or I'll make you. Dong ma? Good. See ya around.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: cap_tight_pants
Zoë Washburne: leaf_widow
Simon Tam: dr_fugitive
River Tam: riverserene
Jayne Cobb: aboynamed_jayne
Kaylee Frye: strawberry_luve
Inara Serra: piao_liang_69
Sadie Creed (the pilot): random_xtras

Bad Guys:
K (Bounty hunter): dark_overlords
The Minions of the Bad Guys: theminions

Steel Horse (Bounty Hunter): steel_horse
Derek Masterson (fighter pilot): starlightelite
Chara (Nurse): serenity_planet
Brennan (Inara's friend): Left

{OOC: This is a Firefly/Serenity RPG Community. All characters welcome. Good or Bad. If you join the community, your character HAS to have at least a little info in their profile. That way we know who we are letting on our boat. Also, NC-17 threads MUST be clearly labeled. Thank you.}

((OOC: Note: Four months after Serenity the Movie and theres an OOC post here for people to leave notes on. Or visit the OOC Comm. Link is above.))

{Disclaimer: Everything Firefly/Serenity belongs to Joss Whedon. This is all for fun. Please don't sue}

{Warning this group also contains a crazy maintainer}